Entirely on my own behalf, I have been in the veldt sampling Afrikaans food.

Not the veldt as in the grassy plains of South Africa. The Veldt as in the café and deli which has just opened in the wide open space of Great Western Road, Glasgow. Veldt, by the way, is pronounced felt. I veldt you should know that.

I have not yet managed to visit South Africa but, being a west end sophisticate, I am familiar with its cuisine. Stravaigin, our local restaurant renowned for its world cooking, recently had chakalaka spicy tomato relish and potjiekos chicken stew on the menu. There was also South Africa week at Lidl Maryhill when we feasted on springbok burgers and biltong. Biltong is sole food because it looks as if cobblers might use it to repair shoes. It tastes better than it looks.

Since Veldt the deli is all about a meeting of Scottish and Afrikaans food, we will start with the roll on sausage. Or the boerewors broodje as we must learn to call it. The boerewors is the Veldt's own dark and potent handmade link sausage made of beef with various herbs and spices, the mixture known only to Gisela the South African lady who runs the place with her Scottish husband Mark.

An essential accompaniment to the Afrikaans roll on sausage is Mrs HS Ball's chutney. Mrs Ball is famous in South Africa and about to become better known on Great Western Road at the corner of Park Road. Her chutney is not unlike oor ain broon sauce but fruitier, spicier and hotter.

The roll on sausage can be washed down with a red Americano, a roobois tea but made like a coffee. Or Irn-Bru, this being a fusion joint.

Vegetarians will opt for the kwaai braai broodje made with a spinach, chutney and mushroom filling. Just point to the pastry that looks like a bridie.

Coming soon on to Gisela's menu is vetkoek which is very South African but also very Glasgow. It is a sandwich where the bread is deep-fried first. To be fair it is then stuffed with some healthy veggie options.

Be warned that the dish called bunny chow is nothing to do with rabbit food. It is a curry inside a loaf.

Gisela says her great passion in Afrikaans cooking is the braai or barbecue. She says she is looking for an outdoor venue near her deli to barbecue springboks and all sorts of other stuff.

"Some time in the summer," she said. I felt bad telling her we have already had our summer. It was on Tuesday.

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