Your quotation from Dr Nagy Iskander illustrates why creationists should not be let near science classes (Call to ban creationism, News, June 9).

He said: "Evolution needs to take place over millions of years and we cannot test that." On the contrary, evolution through Darwin and Wallace's process of natural selection is happening all the time, sometimes quite quickly. Since Dr Iskander is said to be a surgeon, I hope he is fully aware of the evolution of the antibiotic resistance that has made hospital procedures so risky. Science advances through the testing of hypotheses and the accumulation of evidence. Both medicine and biology have greatly benefited from this process. I presume Dr Iskander's medical practice is based on such advances, rather than the superstitions of previous times.

Roger Downie,

Professor of Zoological education,

University of Glasgow

We need a vigorous civil society that allows all views to co-exist (The new battle over religion in schools, News, June 9). This is helped by religions, whereas a society that only allows a secular outlook and positively excludes religion from public discourse quickly ends up being totalitarian.

Despite this, Secular Scotland continues with its evil agenda to try and remove all vestiges of religion from society. Secular Scotland should take heed of the words of Archbishop Fulton J Sheen who said back in 1948: "A religion that doesn't interfere with the secular order will soon discover that the secular order will not refrain from interfering with it."

Martin Conroy


Surely we owe it to our children and grandchildren to, at least, offer them God's free and gracious gift of forgiveness and everlasting life dearly paid for by Christ's death on the cross, even if, when older, they reject it? What are the secularists afraid of?

Charlotte Hunter