The article by Rob Edwards shows yet again the Scottish Government is far too close to the mostly Norwegian-owned fish farm industry (Public denied info on full scale of salmon deaths, News, October 20).

It looks like the interaction between Alex Salmond and the Chinese government is a two-way exchange. Mr Salmond helps his Norwegian buddies bust the ban on direct export of salmon from Norway to China by allowing the import of salmon ova from Norway to Scotland, where they are grown on then flogged to the Chinese in tartan-tinted packs. In return, the Chinese seem to have taught the First Minister and his quangos the art of information suppression.

If Sepa is not going to collect and publish detailed data on salmon mortalities and sea lice infestations at salmon farms in Scotland, it is no longer fit for purpose. A government that gets so close to an industry to allow this to happen is also not fit for purpose. Ministers must make salmon farmers fully and openly accountable for their actions.

John F Robins,

Save Our Seals Fund