So the First Minister is winning the battle of the Twittosphere.

According to The Herald's survey today, Alex Salmond has almost as many Twitter followers as all of Labour's MSPs put together.

Twitter, Facebook and other sites are now a well-established part of political campaigning, and have a useful part to play in the national discourse, but cannot compete as a means of staying informed with trusted news media outlets.

In 2014, newspapers such as The Herald remain the best information source, offering in-depth coverage of key issues, a range of opinion and opportunities for public debate on the much-read letters pages and online comment facility.

The Herald has consistently emerged in surveys as the most read newspaper among MSPs and, along with the Sunday Herald, is frequently cited in the Holyrood debating chamber, reflecting its position at the forefront of the national debate.

Twitter and Facebook offer a good way for voters to engage directly with politicians, but take their place alongside newspapers like The Herald, whose online readership has grown steadily. Whatever the referendum result, Scotland's newspapers will be in the forefront as history unfolds.