We are writing to highlight the need for Scotland to have much more control over its energy policy, whether this is under independence or more devolution.

Scotland needs greater energy powers to escape from English advocacy of economically and politically bankrupt nuclear power and to counteract declining support from the UK Government for Scottish priorities for renewable energy.

Two types of power over energy are essential. First, a Scottish energy regulator must be established with powers that include allowing Scottish electricity networks to be more proactive in investing in upgrades in the local grids. This will allow renewable energy schemes to be set up more easily.

Second, the Scottish Government should have control of a large portion of incentives for low-carbon energy. Scotland comprises one third of the British land mass and thus a sizeable share of renewable energy resources.

We condemn the (so far) feeble proposals for post-referendum devolution "promised" by the unionist parties which do not include important powers, especially new powers over energy, that must form an essential part of any meaningful increase in self-determination for Scotland.

Dr David Toke

Department of Politics and International Relations, University of Aberdeen

Professor Peter Strachan and Dr Abhishek Agarwal'

Aberdeen Business School,

Robert Gordon University

Professor Ian Miles

University of Manchester Business School

Professor Bryan Wynne

Department of Sociology, Lancaster University

Dr Dan van der Horst

School of Geosciences,

University of Edinburgh

Dr Antje Brown,

Department of Geography and Sustainable Development,

University of St Andrews

Jonathon Porritt

Forum for the Future, London

Shaun Burnie, Gatehouse of Fleet

Dr Paul Dorfman

UCL Energy Institute

University College London

Dr Keith Baker,

Department of Social Sciences,

Northumbria University

Dr Alan Terry

Department of Geography and Environmental Management,

University of the West of England

Dr Richard Cowell,

School of Planning and Geography

Cardiff University

Herbert Eppel

HE Translations,

Oxford House

Dr David Lowry

Stoneleigh, Surrey

Dr Ian Fairlie

Highbury, London