THINGS you didn't know...Donald Macdonald was on one of the new Edinburgh trams when the conductor explained that the people who stand about tram spotting are know as tram-oraks.

A lasting impression

THE Better Together campaign is putting on "An Audience with Rory Bremner and Gordon Brown" at Dunfermline's Alhambra Theatre next month. Says Brian McGarry in Inverkeithing: "Yes supporters in the Kingdom are chortling at the irony of Gordon sitting next to a man who did a great impression of being a Prime Minister."

Lazy daze

A COLLEAGUE swears to us that he heard a wee wummin tell her pal: "Me? Lazy? Don't get me started!"

In the end…

STREET preachers - you don't see so many of them these days. However, a reader saw one in Glasgow's Buchanan Street who was shouting through his microphone: "Jesus died for our sins." A joker passing by declared: 'What? He dies? Thanks - I've not finished the book yet."

Well grounded

BBC news reported that two Ryanair jets collided on the ground at Stansted Airport and there was a three-hour delay before passengers were put on alternative planes.

"It took that amount of time for the passengers to cough up the fee for transferring to a different flight," says a reader.

In the football field

FORMER Herald columnist Ron Ferguson has updated and re-released his cult book on Cowdenbeath "Black Diamonds and the Blue Brazil" with a new foreword by Sir Alex Ferguson. Ron is looking forward to seeing how the book, which touches on everything from coal-mining to football, will be classified in bookshops. His book on the religious community on Iona, Chasing the Wild Goose, was placed in one bookshop under "Wildlife".

In the mix

AS more folk take their summer holidays, Alison Campbell from Portobello tells us: "In Sussex I was startled to meet on one of the lanes in '1066 country' a builder's van with the logo "William the Concreter".

Stormy moments

A READER on the Isle of Man confirms the island perhaps moves at a more sedate pace than mainland Britain. He tells us: "On one occasion the weather- man on Manx Radio announced, 'Here is the weather forecast. Oh, I seem to have forgotten to bring it in so I'll read out yesterday's instead'."

Hard bitten

LUIS Suarez is still dominating the sporting headlines. As one reader says: "He's probably finding it difficult to find a shoulder to cry on."