Two further incidents can be added to the concerns raised about safety within the nuclear industry (Nuclear incidents need to be taken more seriously, Letters, October 19).

The first was the fire on board the vessel MV Parida carrying nuclear waste from Scrabster to Antwerp on October 7, 20 miles north-west of Wick. The vessel broke down and was drifting towards the Beatrice A Platform, from which 52 personnel had to be evacuated.

The other incident involved a sodium fire at Dounreay, a reminder that risk exists as much in decommissioning work as in an operating nuclear plant. The safest way to deal with nuclear waste is to store it under close monitoring and security on the sites where it is produced, which is Scottish Government policy. This would also increase employment in Caithness as Dounreay is closed down.

Tor Justad

Vice-chairman, Highlands Against Nuclear Transport