Your piece on creationism may have unintentionally misinformed readers of the position of Scotland's largest teaching union, the Educational Institute of Scotland (EIS), in relation to this issue (Teaching with dinosaurs, News, December 21).

The EIS is confident that ­teachers would not support any set of beliefs which would undermine the current curricular guidance in science or in religious education, and for this reason is not convinced about the desirability of legislative interference in the school ­curriculum. However, the EIS does accept that creationism is more suited to a discussion in a religious and moral education class than a science class.

The General Teaching ­Council for Scotland's professional ­standards for teachers make clear that it would be inappropriate for a teacher to use his or her position to propagate particular personal views; the EIS position remains that teachers can be trusted to conduct themselves professionally without the need for legislation.

Brian Cooper

Head of Communications

Educational Institute of Scotland