ONE might have thought that after 25 years of ineffectual carriage of bikes on trains, the incoming Abellio ScotRail might attempt to make a better fist of the task than their predecessors First ScotRail.

Your report ("Just the ticket: One card to cover nationwide network", The Herald, April 1) mentions that incoming Abellio will provide "increased cycle parking spaces at stations" and "cycle hire facilities at major stations". Where does this begin to answer the problem that on our inadequately-provisioned trains, there is room at best for two spaces - six on some trains serving remoter areas - and that in all cases, these spaces have to be shared with prams, wheelchairs and luggage?

You confirm this in your editorial ("On the way to a transport system finally joined up", The Herald, April 1) when you write: "Policies on allowing bikes on to trains have been contradictory to stated public policy" - that is, encouraging more use of bikes everywhere.

Parking a bike at one station and then hiring a bike at a further station is a nonsense. What cyclist would ever do this?

Gordon Casely,

Westerton Cottage,