I CAN tell you where Kezia Dugdale went wrong.

Kezia Dugdale went wrong having a teacher for a parent. If I could give one piece of advice to the youth of tomorrow it would be this - never have a teacher for a parent.

Kezia's pops is Jeff Dugdale, retired English teacher and former depute rector of Elgin High. He's also a keen philatelist, even keener SNP supporter and now has several thousand new Twitter followers after showing his daughter the sharp side of his keyboard.

Kezia tweeted a link to a newspaper story detailing a now discredited leaked Scotland Office memo, Nicola Sturgeon and her alleged preference for a Tory party election win.

"Check facts before opening mouth, Kezia!" he responded, with the teacher parent's typical staccato sting and utter lack of reticence about humiliating the child in public. Even when that child is the adult deputy leader of a political party. Poor Kezia. I quite felt for her.

Teacher parents have no boundaries between the schoolroom and the sitting room. They will treat their offspring as they treat their errant school charges - with a briskness, a brusqueness and simply no sympathy.

Ask any child of a teacher and they will have a horror story to tell you.

Teacher parents are competitive, you see. They know the child's teacher knows they're a teacher and so the child must aim for impossible standards of behaviour, results and extra curricular prowess.

They don't really care about cool, they care about points. For Halloween my friend's teacher parent spent days on his Halloween costume, cutting, painting and sticking together the cereal boxes she had been collecting for months. He'd wanted to be a Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle. She sent him as an impressively crafted petrol pump.

Teacher parents will give unknown children in the street rows about their behaviour. Not for them turning a blind eye to the teenage boy with his feet on the seat of the train.

Teacher parent, oblivious to the fact their own child is cringing so hard the marrow is leaking from their ilium, will give the boys an eye so stern their feet return to floor without so much as a word uttered.

Teacher parent has a quick wit and a wit that cuts to the quick. They have a no nonsense vocal pitch, one that carries. One that carries quite loudly when the child is pretending very hard not to exist.

Teacher parents are great with children but have little empathy for those they've bred themselves.

Sometimes I think its teacher parents who need a lesson taught to them.