I REFER to your editorial about the opening of the Borders Railway to passengers (“New Borders railway must signal more lines will cpme”, The Herald, September 7) and would endorse its terms. I travelled on the new line on Sunday and it was a great experience with much goodwill in evidence all along the line. As you state, this is the beginning and it is up to the communities along the line to make the best of the new facility. It was encouraging to be met at Tweedbank by representatives of various organisations who were there to assist newly-arrived visitors and recommend things to do. I took a short walk to Abbotsford, returning along a delightful path alongside the River Tweed.

I agree that the line should go further (Hawick at least), but for now the priority is to promote what is there and it may take a bit of time to catch on. Scottish governments in recent years have taken some courageous decisions on transport and maybe I might yet get to St Andrews, Leven and Buchan by rail using a Smartcard, as our system becomes truly integrated.

William Laird,

43 Bideford Crescent, Glasgow.