Several correspondents have described the SNP offer to mediate between Catalonia and Spain as variously "offensive" and "cynical", arguing that they shouldn't be interfering in the affairs of other "larger countries" (Letters, September 30).

There is indeed some political guile at work but I seem to recall such etiquette over interfering in other countries' affairs didn't stop the governments of Spain and elsewhere intervening publicly and behind the scenes in Scotland's internal affairs last year.

Michael Rossi,

66 Canalside Gardens,



If there is any meaningful part for the SNP to play in mediation between Spain and Catalonia then I know nothing and you can call me Manuel.

R Russell Smith,

96 Milton Road,


In the interests of balance I look forward to reading a further letter from Keith Howell (September 30) excoriating the contribution of the senior Conservative MEP Ian Duncan for his temerity in offering his services in aid of democracy in Catalonia.

Archie Hamilton

39 Orchy Garden,