THOSE of us who went to school in the sixties, and went home for lunch, will remember The One O'Clock Gang, a demented sketch and song show which the new Scottish Television channel put out every lunchtime during the week. It ran for 10 years, and made stars of Larry Marshall, Dorothy Paul, Jimmy Nairn - father of chef Nick - and Charlie Sim. Writing such a show every day meant that the quality was perhaps not always there, but as Larry, seen here in a reunion of the show's presenters, once declared somewhat defensively: "If you don't like 28 minutes of it, but enjoy two minutes of it, then I've done a good job."

Every Friday the main sketch was set in a school with the presenters as schoolchildren, including Dorothy dressed as schoolgirl Deborah with glasses and pigtails. "Years later," said Dorothy, "men would come up to me and say that when they were young I was their sexual fantasy."

Thanks for sharing that with us Dorothy.