I WISH to congratulate the Department of Energy and Climate Change (DECC) for scrapping the Feed in Tariff (FIT) scheme’s pre-accreditation element which provided developers with a financial security blanket for their hare-brained micro and mini- hydro schemes (“Subsidy rules hit hydro projects”, The Herald, October 19). We should scrap the whole idea of paying any subsidies for this junk electricity issuing from micro hydro, wind and tidal turbines. However, money should be paid out for every unbroken supply of renewable electricity at full capacity over a minimum of 24 hours.

Scotland has got to be one of the worst countries in the world for hydro; Norway is the best because it rains a lot and has glaciers that fill the rivers during the summer months. Hydro in Scotland works for about 25 per cent of the year, whereas Norway's hydro keeps on running for around 98%.

Fergus Ewing should wake up to the reality that renewable energy is just not working despite the Scottish Government crowing on and on about meeting this target and that target on renewables. I have written to Amber Rudd at DECC urging her to scrap all subsidies and payments for random intermittent electricity to force the Renewable Energy Industry to give us the right kind of electricity that is there for us 24-7-52.

This renewable energy gravy train has been on the tracks for more than 40 years and has still not produced a single unit of reliable and firm electricity. Despite Scotland having more than 7,000MW of installed renewable energy machines, which includes hydro built in the 50s and 60s, our country’s carbon foot continues to rise and has done so for the last three years, and will continue to do so, because intermittent renewable electricity is simply the wrong kind of electricity. It is time this particular train was put into the sidings of history and broken up for scrap.

It is time we moved on and started generating the right kind of electricity that will keep our lights on.

Andrew H Mackay,

Causewayside, Glenaldie, Tain.

YOUR report on the performance of ScottishPower owner Iberdrola includes reference to its Whitelees wind farm now "capable" of generating 539 mw (“Profits rise for Iberdrola”, the Herald, October 22).

It is ironic that in the same edition in your "50 years ago" section(From The Archives, October 22) there is reference to the proposed Dungeness nuclear station. It is quoted that “it will develop 1200 mw”.

A little research shows that Dungeness required a mere 0.5 sq km for a reliable 1200 mw.

By contrast Whitelees smothers 55 sq kms on a skyline visible for miles. And of course it only supplies much less than half of 50-year-old Dungeness’s generation and only when there is a wind, but not too strong of course and seldom when there is high pressure like winter cold spells.

Are we mad covering Scotland like this?

John A Taylor,

19 The Fieldings, Dunlop.

IT is quite astonishing that the UK Government gives the same winter allowance to everyone in the country irrespective of the average temperatures in the different areas. Having family based in West Sussex. my wife and I look frequently to compare the temperatures in that area with areas in Scotland. Even casual observation will show that on average the South of England is about five degrees warmer than Scotland. How does this equate with a caring Westminster Government who say they have the interests at heart of all social classes?

There is no dispute that the poorest in society spend a proportionately higher slice of their means on their heating bills.

If higher benefits can be paid to those living in London because of their costs why does such a scheme not exist to those living in fuel poverty in the coldest areas of the UK?

Sorry, I forgot … there aren't many votes for the Government in Scotland and the North of England.

Dave Biggart,

Southcroft, Knockbuckle Road, Kilmacolm.