AS folk get excited about the premiere of the new Star Wars film, here is how we did a film premiere in Glasgow. This is the Regal cinema in Sauchiehall Street, which later became the ABC, as the manager moves forward to greet actors Bill Travers and Norah Gorsen in 1955 for the first showing of Geordie - a gentle film about a Highland lad who signs up for a bodybuilding course which is so successful he eventually competes in the Olympic Games in Melbourne as a hammer-thrower. And that was about it really. Norah was the love interest back in Scotland.

Bill married Virginia McKenna and they went on to film Born Free where Bill was tragically mauled to death by lions in Africa. Sorry, my imagination ran away with me there. Bill was not harmed by the lions, and he and Virginia spent their lives saving endangered species. Norah went on and did a few pantos.