BET the guy up the ladder never thought his job at the Glasgow Stock Exchange would end up similar to someone changing the destination boards at a main-line station. This is the Glasgow Stock Exchange in 1959 where the pace does not appear as frenetic as stock exchanges depicted in films. There is only one phone in view, and the chap making the call is probably only making a table reservation at La Fourchette. In those days the exchange was in St George's Place, and there was much spluttering amongst the men in suits when Glasgow Council changed the little street's name to Nelson Mandela Place to embarrass the South African consul renting the room upstairs.

In those days there were many Scottish companies listed on the stock exchange whose shares could be traded, but with the dwindling of independent Scottish companies and the growth of the London Stock Exchange, the Glasgow exchange for a while became the Scottish Stock Exchange as those in Aberdeen, Edinburgh, Dundee and Greenock closed down, and in 1973 it ceased altogether.