THE area where I live is not designated a preferred area for wind farms but despite this we are now surrounded by turbines and the area has fast become an industrial wasteland. Our roads have been ruined and convoys of huge trucks travel on these country roads (which are not suited to heavy traffic).

The wind companies never repair the roads, the edges are degraded and there are huge potholes all over. They even altered the T-junction onto the main A70 road which is now half the width and is a mess, like most of our local roads. During cold weather the road at the entrance to Muirhall wind farm is a sheet of ice and no amount of complaints to the council make any difference. It seems companies are allowed to do as they like.

The reason the moors around here are not preferred areas is because these peat bogs are excavated, more carbon is released into the atmosphere than these wind turbines will ever save.

Surrounding views are totally spoiled. The wildlife (including rare species) are being decimated.

We moved out here more than 37 years ago for the peace and quiet - now a thing of the past. The bing near here is being taken down and the shale sold to yet another local wind farm – more heavy traffic which will go on for months. Some of these companies are Spanish.

The only winners here are the companies who are making millions with government subsidies. The only thing I've ever agreed with David Cameron about is the need to reduce these subsidies.

The losers? Well, that would be the residents and the wildlife. One wonders how planning permission has ever been passed. It’s a disgrace.

(Mrs) Hazel Fraser,

Hollyfield, Tarbrax, West Calder.