IN part three of the Sunday Herald's political hustings platform, regarding the environment, "to debate the matter without interference by reporters or editors, it is their space to do with as they please" (Environment, Sunday Herald Political Hustings, March 27), it is telling that not one party spokesperson mentions the main threat to the environment, nor how many candidates and sitting MSPs contribute to this main threat or, instead, play their part in doing their personal best to help combat it.

The animal food industry causes more damage to the environment than all forms of transport combined. Yet, how many candidates and serving MSPs are even vegetarian, let alone vegan? Very few. Even many so-called Greens are far from green when it comes to their diet including the co-convenor, Patrick Harvie.

It would have been helpful if the Sunday Herald had asked all party spokespersons to state how many candidates and sitting MSPs (and who they are which, presumably, wouldn't take up too much space, as it would be a relatively short list) are vegan or, at the very least, vegetarian in their statements. Then we could sort the wheat from the chaff.

Sandra Busell