FOR last year's General Election, Ukip Scotland held a manifesto launch event but never published a manifesto. This staggering feat of incompetence stands unequalled in Scottish electoral history.

Its manifesto published today (April 7) includes many policies with which I agree, but I will not be voting for Ukip.

David Coburn routinely fails to disguise his lack of intelligent policy awareness behind a curtain of bluster and bravado. His repeated mispronunciation of Tasmina Ahmed Sheikh's name in multiple ways was the first of a catalogue of offensive, childish and disreputable remarks that he has made in his short time as an MEP for Scotland.

His immediate associates in the party seem happy to endorse his antics at every turn, offering spurious excuses as necessary. This blind loyalty has now been rewarded with a top spot on a regional list in the coming election in several cases.

I urge anyone attracted to Ukip's policies to consider carefully whether they wish to give platform to David Coburn in the Scottish Parliament. I also recommend research into the Ukip lead candidate in a region before voting for them. Mr Coburn insists that they were chosen on merit. When you see them in action, you might doubt that, or you may conclude that David Coburn's judgment on what constitutes a good candidate differs from your own.

The efforts of myself and others to reform Ukip in Scotland from the inside have failed, as the central party officials ignore all concerns raised and back Mr Coburn to the hilt.

I want a right of centre, Eurosceptic, socially conservative party to succeed in Scotland, but I am not willing to sacrifice basic standards of decency and integrity to achieve it.

Richard Lucas,

Formerly of the UKIP Edinburgh and Lothians Branch Committee,

UKIP Candidate for Edinburgh South West, General Election 2015,

11 Broomyknowe,

Colinton, Edinburgh.