CHRISTIAN Allard, who was SNP MSP for North East Scotland in the last parliament, under persistent questioning during the Big Debate, broadcasted by BBC Radio Scotland from Dundee on Friday (April 8) on whether the exploratory test drilling during the moratorium deemed fracking to be safe, said: "There will be no fracking in Scotland". He was given ample opportunity to explain that fracking would be dependent on the test drilling fracking study while the moratorium is in place, as Nicola Sturgeon herself has explained, but he was

One has to wonder if Mr Allard knows that "moratorium" means adjournment, or suspension, not a permanent ban. However, giving him the benefit of the doubt, today he intimated that there will be a permanent ban on fracking in Scotland, completely contrary to what Ms Sturgeon has told Scotland.

Fracking is an emotive subject, especially among the SNP support, the majority of whom are vehemently opposed to it. On the same day that Ms Sturgeon imposed the moratorium and distributed badges, t-shirts and other paraphernalia bearing the legend "Frack Off" alongside the SNP logo, she was in consultation with Jim Ratcliffe from Ineos, who released a statement that Ms Sturgeon gave him private assurances that she "isn't opposed to fracking". Ms Sturgeon has neither denied this outright, nor has she allowed the minutes of this meeting to be released to the public. This isn't the openness and transparency we were promised.

The SNP built up much of its support on its anti-fracking stance. Although Mr Allard now seems to speak for the SNP and has clearly declared that there will not ever be fracking in Scotland, will he be held to account when fracking starts under SNP governance?

Mark Ward,

60 Dalmellington Road,

Crookston, Glasgow.