I AGREE entirely with Linda Holt's excellent letter (April 13) on wind farms. I would add that there is another effect on Scotland; the damage to its tourist industry.

In 2005 there were 17.3 million tourist trips compared to 15.52 million in 2014 – yet 2014 was the big year for tourism with the Commonwealth Games, Ryder Cup and the second year of Homecoming. I believe the outrageous number of wind farms is a large factor, and I speak as one who has had bed and breakfast visitors for 14 years. Some investors, it seems, agree.

Aberdeen Capital Ltd pledged to invest millions to create a five-star hotel and Michelin-starred restaurant in Carbisdale Castle, near Bonar Bridge in Sutherland. It has withdrawn from the deal because of plans for a community buy-out of nearby land and because of a proposed 18-turbine wind farm at nearby Braemore Forest. The developer is quoted as saying about the wind farm plans: “Had we known this in May 2014, we certainly would have approached the whole project in a completely different manner.” He said this meant the time spent on the project over the past two years had been “a total waste of our time”.

It is plain common sense that if the vast majority of tourists come to see the scenery and you trash the scenery, they won't come. The interests of tourism have been badly served because the SNP in 2007 made the minister in charge of energy also in charge of tourism. What do they have in common?

I believe the SNP has sacrificed Scotland's tourist industry for its flagship policy and Scotland will suffer dearly for it over the 25-year lifetime of the turbines.

Celia Hobbs,

Dykeneuk, Peebles Road, Penicuik.