I NOTE your article about British Naturism's planned naturist event in Dunoon (“Nudists face wrath of the police as mass naked ramble is planned”, The Herald, April 25)/. You reported that we risked the wrath of the law and arrest by going for a group walk during our event. This is not the case. We have had full discussion with the local police who are satisfied that our members are responsible and law-abiding and have given their agreement.

Naturism (public nudity) is not illegal in Scotland or any other part of the United Kingdom. However naturists can be charged with a public disorder offence if they have been deemed to be deliberately confrontational, for example fail to cover up if requested to do so by the police or other officials. We have spoken to the police and reassured them that we are happy to cover up with a wrap if we meet members of the public on our walks who appear uncomfortable. Our walks will take place in quiet areas in the countryside where we are not likely to meet many people.

Stephen Gough is not a British Naturism member and does not follow our code of conduct regarding covering up. Therefore he is not representative of our organisation. Members of British Naturism come from all sectors of society and all professions. We are just ordinary people who like to feel the sun, rain and wind on our skin. Who hasn't thought of skinny dipping abroad and enjoyed the feel of sun on skin?

Juliette Gill,

Public Relations Officer (Scotland),

British Naturism,

c/o 30-32 Wycliffe Road, Northampton.