IT is unfair of you to lump the Queensferry Crossing with the Edinburgh trams fiasco and the building of the Scottish Parliament, both of which were Labour/Liberal Democrat projects and were eventually completed massively over budget (“Bridge delays are all too familiar”, Herald editorial, June 9). The Queensferry Crossing, on the other hand, will be ready for service within its contractual completion date and without additional expense to the taxpayer.

I agree with Economy Secretary Keith Brown that the bridge is “a fantastic and unique structure”. The clever and hard-working people who are building this beautiful bridge under extremely challenging circumstances, while having to cope with the vagaries of the Scottish climate, deserve wholehearted praise for their skill and dedication. All parties agree that the safety of those working on the bridge is of paramount importance, so can we give thanks for what has been achieved so far, and without further carping, let the workforce get on with finishing the job?

Next May, the start of the main tourist season, will be an excellent time to open the bridge and showcase Scottish workmanship at its best. In the meantime, the existing road bridge, the rail bridge, the Kincardine Bridge, The Clackmannanshire Bridge and the Tay Bridge will all ensure that Fife is not left isolated from the rest of Scotland.

Ruth Marr,

99 Grampian Road, Stirling.