Some of the wording in Joanna Blythman's latest review cannot go without comment (Norn restaurant review, Sunday Herald Life, June 5). She writes about the veal having a "gentle personality" and that it is "cuddled up" with mushrooms "inside the protective embrace of dark green cabbage leaves".

Calves have a gentle personality and oh, how every calf would love to "cuddle up" with her mother's protection, but the reality is somewhat different.

Calves and their mothers, the cows, have a very close bond, yet calves are taken from their mothers either immediately after birth or, at most, within a few days of being born.

Calf and cow then pine for each other. How can Joanna Blythman not find it in her heart to feel some empathy with these gentle animals and how does she justify so much cruelty and suffering just so that she can enjoy some veal?

Sandra Busell