The articles by Rob Edwards reinforced my belief that the Scottish Government is very concerned with the welfare of wealthy landowners, farmers and industrialists but has little interest in protecting our wild environment and the creatures which inhabit that environment (Outrage over mass shooting of beavers and Big business before nature, Environmental news, July 31).

On several occasions I have asked the First Minister and the previous and current environment ministers to create a close season to stop pregnant and lactating beavers being shot while politicians ponder the long overdue decision on whether or not to allow beavers to re-establish in the wild in Scotland. This interim measure would alleviate a lot of cruelty and suffering.

Each time I have received replies from civil servants telling me the re-introduction of beavers “raises complex issues around their management and legal protection” and that “Scottish ministers are considering these issues carefully before making a decision”. It appears Scottish Ministers are finding it difficult to find a way to allow a successful re-introduction of beavers while also permitting farmers and landowners to “manage” the animals with their usual management tool – a 12-bore shotgun.

The issue is not complex. The Government has the power to quickly provide legal protection for beavers and should do so now.

John F Robins,

Animal Concern Advice Line