MOST times when I read Agenda I find there are facts to learn even when the writer is promoting a cause with which I disagree. However Yvonne Taylor's writings on grouse shooting is so inaccurate that I must assume the misinformation is intentional rather than just a display of ignorance (“No glory in cruel, environmentally destructive and shameful tradition”, The Herald, August 12).

Ms Taylor obviously fails to understand that the shooting of grouse is in effect the farming of a surplus which is very carefully monitored to ensure that a healthy breeding stock remains on the moor for the following year. Gamekeepers spend a vast amount of time culling vermin which predate on grouse and all the other ground nesting species. Without their efforts our moors would be deserted lifeless areas probably blanketed in sterile Sitka spruce forests. She makes no attempt to graphically describe the eggs and chicks being eaten by vermin.

With regard to muirburn, the correct term for heather burning, Ms Taylor fails to understand that the controlled burning ensures that only the surface is burned in small areas and therefore minimal heat is transferred into the peat below and therefore very little CO2 is released. Muirburn also provides fresh shoots and increased insect life for all the species which live on a moor.

Perhaps Ms Taylor is ignorant of the fact that countries are now removing the ban on lead shot because there is no research to prove that lead is in any way injurious to either humans or wildlife when it is present on the ground. This campaign was invented by animal rights activists to try to use unsubstantiated opinions to attack shooting sports. I assume it is also in ignorance that she omits to mention that illegal killing of raptors has been dropping markedly and efforts to eradicate such crime is proving very successful. She cites the RSPB as an authoritative source and yet this is the same organisation which has been reprimanded for quoting unpublished research and when challenged to produce the research was unable to do so.

However, probably the most pathetic part of the column is Ms Taylor's use of anthropomorphic adjectives to insult our intelligence. The fluffy bunny brigade are obviously alive and well and working for Peta.

David Stubley,

22 Templeton Crescent, Prestwick.