Louise Gray, author of The Ethical Carnivore, has the title of her book wrong for a start (Hunting, shooting and fishing for her Supper, Sunday Herald Life, October 23). There is no such thing as an "ethical carnivore"; such a phrase is an oxymoron.

Ms Gray says of her time killing animals, "there were times when I felt quite stressed" and "I've had to face my fears", apparently not realising the bitter irony of such statements when compared to the stress that animals suffer in the slaughterhouse.

She also claims, "I felt guilt and I still do to some extent", but obviously not enough to give up eating animal flesh. At least, as someone who eats animals, Ms Gray was willing to do the killing herself and also to visit a slaughterhouse. No-one who chooses to eat animals has the right to do so without, at the very least, being prepared to see for themselves the horrors that they are condoning and supporting and that they are complicit in.

Sandra Busell