ANOTHER day another attack on the salmon farming industry (Outrage at plans to scrap limits on number of fish that can be kept in farm cages, News, January 8). New research on the numbers of salmon and sea trout caught by anglers from 1952 until present found that wild salmon and sea trout were in decline along Scotland’s west coast long before salmon farming arrived in the area. Sea trout numbers are in decline across Scotland and are declining at an almost identical rate along Scotland’s east coast where there are no salmon farms. Salmon farming may not be the primary threat to wild fish stocks.

Sepa must decide whether salmon farms can increase their biomass but their decision should be based on fact rather than on the say of a vocal minority of industry critics.

Dr Martin Jaffa

Callander McDowell


Problems at salmon farms have included several incidents of mass sealice infestation, disease outbreaks, and stock mortalities of hundreds of millions of fish. Instead of letting the industry expand, the Scottish Government should impose a moratorium until this unsustainable form of farming can eliminate its fish welfare and environmental impact problems.

John F Robins

Save Our Seals Fund