IN years gone by eccentric election candidates such as Bill Boakes and Screaming Lord Sutch added a welcome element of humour to, what were often, turgid campaigns between Labour and Conservative parties. Your article on UKIP's Gisela Allen's advocacy of beheading and flogging for criminals (Ukip's new Scots candidate backs guillotines, castration and flogging... and you should hear her view on gorillas, News, April 23) would have been similarly amusing, but in these anti-immigration/ Brexit times, it is worrying that there are probably many people who will agree with her. Mainstream parties should discount such extremists, no matter how odd, at their peril.

D Mitchell, Edinburgh

Tackling extremism is a priority and must be at the forefront however a shocking sense of disbelief occurs at UKIP leader Paul Nutall’s proposal to launch an "integration agenda" specifically aimed at Muslim women only.

Muslim women living in the UK for centuries and have never posed a threat to the values of free speech, liberty or human rights. We are instructed by our spiritual worldwide leader Hazrat Mirza Masroor Ahmad, to obey the law of the land where we stay as an obligation.

British Ahmadi Muslim women uphold remaining loyal to our nation and we are at the forefront united against extremism.

Nutall’s concern for security is a concern but targeting the dress code of Muslim women is not the solution. Working with Muslim community groups is the best way forward, as they are in the best position to educate their women on issues about veiling and security.

To impose Nutall’s integration program would be a gross error resulting in distorting ideas and perception only for political gain. Putting Muslim women at the forefront of a political agenda is not the way to eradicate terrorism but will cause divisions, to combat extremism Britain must remain United.

Navida Sayed, Hounslow