IT is welcome news indeed that most people would like to see a reduction in the abortion limit (“Majority rejects bid to force abortion changes”, The Herald, May 22). For too long the truth of abortion has been ignored by the media and politicians but many people now recognise the humanity of the preborn and the horror that is abortion.

It is shameful that none of the major political parties wants to help the smallest and weakest members of the human family.

As the biggest human rights scandal of our time we must work towards ending abortion. Since the introduction of the 1967 Abortion Act more than eight million lives have been deliberately ended in the UK alone. We should work to protect all children until abortion is a brutal error of the past and not a tragedy of the present. It's time to end abortion because women and their children deserve better.

Martin Conroy,

2 The Orchard,

Cockburnspath, Berwickshire.