THE French have their rail strikes. The Scots have "engineering works". Both have the same effect, namely, endless disruption. At my local railway station, there have been no trains for four weekends in a row, including extra disruption on Easter Monday. It looks as though there will be more weeks of this to come. This is an unacceptable way of organising these works. One suspects that the lines have been neglected over the years, with no proper maintenance.

The Transport Minister seems rather an apologist for the ScotRail/Network Rail enterprises than for the ordinary citizen.

This is an intolerable situation, causing huge disruption, and nobody seems publicly concerned. Can these rail companies do exactly what they want, without any accountability? It seems they can. While the voting public is diverted by grand ideas of identity and constitutional vacuities, the national infrastructure is left to decay.

Gordon Shirra-Gibb,

12 Prospect Avenue, Cambuslang.