KEVIN McKenna uses his column to argue on the issue of inequality ("Royal wedding reminds us how Britain celebrates inequality", The Herald, May 12), the late Lord Martin of Springburn versus the forthcoming royal wedding becoming the vehicles for his expression of discontent.

I could not disagree with his synopsis of Lord Martin, and the unkind soubriquet of “Gorbals Mick” to which English-based commentators subjected him. But the maintenance of a dysfunctional family of dodgy lineage in permanent luxury? The Hollywood life style of this dull family and its lickspittles? Not to mention royal distortions and dubious celebrations?

Methinks Mr McKenna doth protest too strongly.

Do we really want – or need – a republic based on ultra left-wing philosophy? We could do a great deal worse than the monarchy, imperfect though it might be. The wedding will celebrate our traditions at their regal best; let’s try to enjoy it, despite Mr McKenna’s misgivings, sincerely held though they undoubtedly are.

Brian D Henderson,

44 Dundrennan Road, Battlefield, Glasgow.