I NOTE from your report on the death of former Lord Provost Pat Lally ("Pat Lally, champion of Glasgow and political Lazarus, dies at 92", The Herald, June 9), that, amongst a spectrum of achievements which benefited the people of Glasgow – from inside toilets in tenements to the Glasgow Garden Festival – he was credited as the driving force behind the decision to build the Glasgow Concert Hall, with the accolade of “Royal” awarded by the Queen later.

I note also that the Leader of Glasgow City Council, Susan Aitken, “often thinks of him when I visit our fab concert hall”.

I wonder if she ever thinks, as I do, what he would think of this hall today? Would he appreciate the many worn seats repaired with duck tape? What would he think of the ripped and worn sound insulation – some of it also repaired with nicely contrasting black duck tape – clearly on display as you enter the auditorium? How would he like the auditorium doors which do not close properly, letting in noise from the café bar during performances?

This hall, whose motto used to include enhancing lives through art and entertainment, can hardly be described as a jewel in Glasgow’s crown at present. It does, however, cater for many tastes, from classical to country, Celtic Connections to book events during Aye Write, and last week hosted 2000 excited schoolkids enthralled by their favourite authors like Jacqueline Wilson, Cressida Cowell, Pamela Butchart and illustrator Chris Riddell .

Please, Glasgow City Council – rise to the occasion and spend money on this venue and make it once again a Royal Concert Hall worthy of the accolade.

Moira Love,

49 Barberry Crescent, Linenfields, Cumbernauld.