HAVING been a big fan of the Rolling Stones since the early 1960s, I leapt at the chance to buy tickets from a reputable source for the concert in Edinburgh on Saturday 9 ("Rolling Stones provide plenty of Satisfaction in Murrayfield gig", The Herald, June 11). I paid £380.01 for two tickets, months in advance.

Visualise my agitation when, the day before the concert, I had still not received my tickets. This was in spite of several anxious phone calls and emails.

Imagine my relief (mixed with double dismay) when I finally received my tickets only hours before the concert and discovered that the face value of each ticket was £59.95 + £7.40.

How can it be justifiable to charge £380.01 for £134.70 worth of goods?

I enjoyed the concert immensely, but not the buying experience.

Willie McIntyre,

39 Bankhouse Avenue, Largs.