WITH two English grandsons, one a keen football and his younger brother showing signs of becoming a good cricketer, I share the disappointment of our English cousins at the elimination of their football team (“That sinking feeling”, The Herald, July 12).

What has been particularly refreshing to witness is the way that Gareth Southgate managed to play down expectations and produced a young team of excellent players who are obviously playing for the shirt rather than flaunting their egos.

How different from the attitude of many of a preceding generation who were educated to believe that they are the most important. Whatever the Victorian public schools got wrong, it cannot be doubted that the best were founded to produce young men, capable of leadership, whose first duty was to use their talents to the benefit of the nation and not simply to better themselves. The ethos is still maintained by the very best and by the Armed Forces where the officer's first duty is to his rank and file.

Do we see, in this English football team, a sign that schools have now abandoned the “Me, me!” approach once favoured by our post-1960s “liberal” educational system?

Ian HC Stein.

8 Ochlochy Park, Dunblane.

IMMEDIATELY following England's exit from the World Cup Huw Edwards, fronting for BBC News at 10 divulged the result. We were then relayed to Sophie Rayworth (in Russia) who gave us a brief precis, then on to Dan Roan (sports editor) at the actual stadium for fulller details. The circuitous coverage was concluded by Natalie Pirks (reporter) also at the ground.

Later Gary Lineker, top-earning BBC sports presenter, appeared with his expert punditry team to carry out yet another post-mortem.

In most instances was their journey really necessary?

Allan C Steele,

22 Forres Avenue, Giffnock.

THE one crumb of comfort that it wasn't to be for Gareth Southgate's squad is the danger has now passed of this glorious summer of 2018 being ruined by a beleaguered Prime Minister calling a snap General Election to take cynical advantage of a World Cup win "feel good" factor amongst the electorate.

Mark Boyle,

15 Linn Park Gardens, Johnstone, Renfrewshire.