YOU quote Low Carbon Scotland as stating that "Scotland is a world leader in tackling climate change and it is time for other countries to follow suit" ("Demand for change is in the air as The Herald launches new campaign", The Herald, July 31).

However, had note been taken of the trade talks between Donald Trump and Jean-Claude Juncker then it should have been obvious that the primary drive in those discussions was not about the high tariffs applied to US vehicles being sold in the EU but the determination by President Trump to ensure the EU bought massive quantities of American shale gas.

That means that just as Holyrood is planning to replace 150 TWhours of gas (4p per unit) with renewable electricity (16p per unit) which will triple consumer bills in Scotland, the 27 countries of the EU are to obtain a huge competitive advantage via lower energy bills from the use of US shale gas.

In addition, it will require around 60,000 MW of wind turbines to phase out the use of gas in Scotland. Assuming a 70/30 split between off-shore and onshore plant, such a project has a capital cost of around £250 billion adding to Scottish industry costs.

Ian Moir,

79 Queen Street, Castle Douglas.