CHRIS McGovern, chairman of the Campaign for Real Education, claims that Government and local authorities are “so addicted to notions of political correctness that they are prepared to place children in danger of abuse or bullying” (“Parents angry over new ‘gender neutral’ toilets in primary schools”, The Herald, August 22). This is irresponsible scaremongering.

Scottish schools have been sensibly changing to floor-to-ceiling, completely enclosed individual cubicle toilets instead of cubicle dividers with gaps at the top and bottom. This is a positive improvement which increases privacy and safety for all pupils.

The benefit for trans and gender non-conforming pupils is not the sole reason for the new toilet facilities. These enhanced privacy cubicles have been successfully installed in dozens of schools and have reduced general bullying, graffiti and vandalism in toilets.

The design protects all pupils from bullies taking intrusive mobile phone photographs. It is important to recognise that the vast majority of school bullying is same-sex: girls bullying girls and boys bullying boys.

Toilets in our homes, on trains and in many businesses are gender neutral without a problem. It is sad and concerning to see people suddenly misrepresenting safe modern school facilities to try to undermine trans equality and social progress.

James Morton,

Equality Network,

30 Bernard Street, Edinburgh.