IF Marks and Spencer wishes to cease "trading behind our expectations" and "protect the magic", perhaps it should cease deleting perfectly good lines because some smug Nigel or Tristran at headquarters wants over-pretentious food or drink given shelf space at the expense of successful unique brands?

M&S's blueberry juice for example vanished from stores in my locality as soon as the cartons appeared because the recipe was so perfect – the first to make a blueberry juice which didn't taste like drain unblocker. It was withdrawn without warning to make way for all manner of ludicrous combinations such as apple and raspberry or orange, carrot and mango which sit gathering dust quarter after quarter.

Similarly they had the wonderful Japanese Mushroom Onigiri, rice balls with chopped shiitaki mushrooms in crispy panko crumbs (there was even a single about them by Let's Eat Grandma, back when they were good too...) which went with just about everything, even as a healthy snack.

It too flew off the shelves – it too got chopped for ignored lines requiring all manner of ludicrous gastronomical bondage dungeon equipment to prepare and cook: no one will buy extra uncommon utensils just to try something new, the whole raison d'etre of its successful Taste Asia range in the first place.

Much as one appreciates M&S wants to "educate" my filthy proletarian palate with the experience of its esteemed Guardianista approved ones, I'll do my best to live despite never trying Mojito juice and make my missing favourites myself.

Mark Boyle,

15 Linn Park Gardens, Johnstone.