AS politicians in Moray, Aberdeenshire and Holyrood, sit in their overheated offices, closing toilets, schools, libraries, community halls, and laying off staff left right and centre because of lack of funds, they are about to grant planning permission for even more offshore wind turbines in our glorious Moray Firth that will impoverish us all. Have they got their priorities right?

Every country, without exception, that has been duped by the parasitic wind industry now has the highest energy bills in the world, South Australia comes top, Denmark is second, and Germany third. The financial obligations undertaken in the process will continue to burden German taxpayers for another two decades.

What’s more, the supposedly evil carbon emissions in Germany are now greater than when they started the whole fiasco. The carbon footprint of a typical wind turbine is a massive 241.85 tons of CO2. Big Wind eliminates none of the need for conventional capacity, but rather consumes vast quantities of additional fuel and raw materials, while spewing emissions during the manufacture, transportation, construction and maintenance of the enormous turbines and their uniquely demanding infrastructure. A whole chapter on bird kill could also be written.

Here, the cost of green subsidies continues to rise, and will cost £66.1 billion in the next five years, approximately £2,500 for every household in the country, according to the latest figures from OBR Government statistics.

Affordable energy? Our ever-gullible politicians are actually promoting and supporting big-time fuel poverty, with our money, while destroying the environment.

George Herraghty,

Lothlorien, Lhanbryde, Moray.

KEVIN McKenna ("Brexit shows how little Westminster thinks of Scotland", The Herald, November 17) states “supporters of Independence are naive if they think Scots who are satisfied with this arrangement can ever be persuaded by the SNP's economic arguments".

Can I point out that the fog of Brexit means that not a single MSP of any party, let alone that of the SNP, has addressed the clash between the Holyrood zero emissions policy and growing the economy to avoid the 10 years of austerity outlined by Andrew Wilson which would result from independence.

To phase out 150 TWhours of gas (4p/unit) and replace with renewable energy (16p/unit) results in an annual increase in energy costs of £18 billion a year. No MSP has assessed whether public services can absorb a £6bn hit to their budgets

Ian Moir,

79 Queen Street, Castle Douglas.