THE Celtic View is, as far as its staff are aware, the oldest weekly club magazine in world football. When it was launched in August 1965, club director James Farrell told the Glasgow Herald that it was being founded in the interests of Celtic supporters at home and overseas, who were constantly demanding information about club policy, personal details about players, past or present, and reports on matches of special importance.

The photograph above shows the launch, attended by Jock Stein, his assistant, Sean Fallon (left) and Mr Farrell (centre). Stein said that high on the list of aims of Celtic View was to form a closer bond with their local fans, especially in matters relating to the club’s good name – in other words, he said, to establish a code of behaviour for supporters, many of whom were young. Supporters would get the chance to express their views in the magazine, which would also carry news of the progress of the Celtic development fund.

The Herald said that the new magazine would be published at the start of the 1965-66 season, and would have four pages retailing at four pennies. A weekly sale of between 25,000 and 30,000 copies was expected.

The magazine continues today, offering Celtic-related news and updates and historical features about the club.

The 65-66 season, incidentally, saw the beginning of Celtic’s run of nine successive Scottish league titles.