THE Asia Bibi case, involving a Christian woman in Pakistan convicted of blasphemy and later released, raises questions as to why the UK Government does not do more by way of representation to the Pakistan Government about the treatment of Christians in that country. She is in fear of her life and seeks asylum. Christians make up between one and two per cent of the population in mainly Muslim Pakistan. The level of intolerance has led to many Christians, with the means to do so, emigrating. There has been violence against Christians and the places where they worship and there have been accusations of blasphemy and attacks by militant Islamists. Many Christians have been killed or injured. The response of the Pakistan Government leaves much to be desired.

The UK Government should heighten its response, through diplomatic and other channels, with regard to the unacceptability of this treatment of the Christian community.

Ian W Thomson,

38 Kirkintilloch Road, Lenzie.