WHILE she is, of course, entitled to her views and to express them, I believe that Rosemary Goring, albeit admittedly without “a speck of Mediterranean joie de vivre in her veins”, goes a bit far with her disregard for spontaneous displays of affection (“Let’s turn back the clock and reclaim our personal space”, The Herald, December 5).

We have already seen human behaviour changing in other ways when engaging with others. Many adults now think twice about engaging with young children even when with a parent, for instance at a supermarket checkout or when the child is in a pram being pushed by a relative, in case of being thought forward or even worse.

Unfortunately, there are too many cases of children in our society who have been ill-treated by adults. That, of course, colours the attitude of parents and those who just wish to engage innocently with young children.

It would be a great pity if our lives were to become even more robotic and simple displays of regard, human understanding and fellow feeling, outwith those we are fond of and close to, were to be proscribed in all circumstances, which would be an over reaction to the disclosures of #MeToo.

I am not sure that everyone being a “little frosty”, as suggested by Rosemary Goring, would add a great deal to the gaiety and spontaneity within life’s rich tapestry.

Ian W Thomson,

38 Kirkintilloch Road,