I HAVE two reasons to be grateful to Gavin Tait (Letters, December 5). First, he operated on my shoulder some years ago and, secondly, for his insightful letters on medical matters. I have thought for some time we are getting close to an automated society without any great public discussion taking place.

When G5 technology arrives, many things will become more practicable and possible. Precision robotic surgery will come into its own, with G5 giving instant human oversight from anywhere on earth, 24 hours a day; no more waiting lists. Teacher shortages? G5 will put the best teachers on any subject “there” with all the nation’s students, and with instant feedback. Classroom teachers will be in a support and remedial role. Trains will be driverless, as will cars, as will probably aircraft.

There are changes coming we cannot yet anticipate and G5 will be a precursor to this change, for better or worse. Now would be a good time to discuss it, because it will be here very soon.

GR Weir,

17 Mill Street, Ochiltree.

WE are informed repeatedly that NHS Scotland has superior performance to NHS England and Wales. This is arguable, one key exception being overall superior cancer services in England and Wales.

The Scottish people have no interest in the relative performance of their NHS. The Scottish people have an interest in absolute performance. There is no merit in gazing over the fence at a neighbour and commenting, whether in boastfulness, anger, envy or disdain.

Dr William Durward,

20 South Erskine Park,


Glasgow .