FAIR play as foreplay, then kissing rules ok, but I’m with The Herald’s Rosemary Goring, (“Let’s have less hugging and more respect for our personal space”, December 5), when it comes to indiscriminate and exuberant osculation with friends, most family and, heaven forfend, casual acquaintance or a new introduction.

I have learned to body swerve and forestall face-on-face with a sincere handshake, but on occasion have engaged with a shy smile and a cautionary “remember what happened last time”.

However, I did approve of the gentleman who, asked by my wife, “are you from France?”, when leaving Murrayfield after the 2017 European Rugby Champions Cup Final between Saracens and French club Clermont, raised her hand to his lips with a dramatic gesture and replied, “No Dear, I’m from Woking.”

R Russell Smith,

96 Milton Road, Kilbirnie.

IAN W Thomson (Letters, December 6) raises some well-founded comments on the social intercourse of greeting one another. Surely there is a time and place for the “wraparound” hugging and kissing taking place in public places.

Such practice, often an embarrassment to the recipient, literally carries a health warning. To that end, Rosemary Goring, whose article initiated the discussion, is vindicated on any charge of being a prim, prudish doomsayer.

Allan C Steele,

22 Forres Avenue, Giffnock.