LIKE most folk at Christmas, I enjoyed tucking into my turkey with all the trimmings. It takes a few hours in a hot oven to bring out the flavour, so what was heating our electric ovens all around the country?

Certainly not the wind industry, its extortionately expensive fleet was, once again, flat-lining. The recipe for the day was roughly as follows: 50 per cent gas; 20 per cent nuclear; 10 per cent coal, and last came wind at six per cent. You’d get more wind from a Brussels sprout.

The prize for purchasing the biggest turkey of all must surely go to the Scottish Government. With wingspans larger than a jumbo jet, they have purchased not just one but thousands of giant turkeys, skewering them into our landscapes and seascapes while emptying our purses in the process. Two demonstrably useless Moray offshore wind farms are costing more than $5 billion.

With hardly a breath of wind over the Christmas period, you could say the Scottish Government has been well and truly stuffed by the wind industry.

We should all be demanding our money back for a poor, or non-existent service.

For this level of energy incompetence, the Scottish Government deserves a roasting.

George Herraghty,

Lothlorien, Lhanbryde, Moray.

THE eruption last week of the Anak Krakatau volcano in Indonesia and the resultant tsunami caused death and widespread destruction ("Prayers and tears for tsunami dead", The Herald, December 26).

There are 1,500 potentially active volcanoes worldwide plus a belt of volcanoes on the ocean floor. There are 500 volcanoes which have regularly erupted in the recordable past.

Scientists acknowledge that volcanoes can affect weather and the Earth's climate. Following the 1991 eruption of Mount Pinatubo in the Philippines the fine ash and gases in the atmosphere blocked the sunlight and cooled temperatures by as much as 0.5C in some regions. The eruption of Tambora Volcano in Indonesia in 1815 lowered global temperatures by 3C.

The futility – and horrendous cost _ of mankind trying to control the climate by reducing greenhouse gases is shown to be an expensive green pipe dream.

Mother Nature creates volcanoes, tsunamis, earthquakes, hurricanes and tornados and the additional emissions she creates is far more than puny mankind can ever save.

Clark Cross,

138 Springfield Road, Linlithgow.