TWICE at First Minister's Questions (January 17) Nicola Sturgeon claimed that there were "real terms increases" in local authority budgets. I've seen the figures for North Ayrshire Council. We have had a 2.3 per cent cut in cash terms and a 3.2 per cent cut in real terms. Can the First Minister or her staff, or any of her followers, please reveal which councils have had an increase and by how much?

Alex Gallagher,

Councillor, Ward 8, North Ayrshire Council,

12 Phillips Avenue, Largs.

AFTER reading Ruth Marr's letter (January 15) and then reading your many reports regarding the disquiet in SNP ranks I felt inclined to bring out the old quotation, “there is none so blind as those who will not see. The most deluded people are those who choose to ignore what they already know."

Andrew Milligan,

Springhill Parkway, Baillieston, Glasgow.

WHILST never likely to be a supporter of Nicola Sturgeon and her ilk, and certainly not her predecessor, is it not time for a little perspective? An unminuted coffee with your old mentor surely does not merit the expense of a kilted Mueller inquiry, and certainly not five of them. Can we maybe, just for once, focus Holyrood time, effort and expense on the economy, stupid?

No? Thought not.

John Dunlop,

19 Wellington Lane, Ayr.