IT is no surprise to see dog owners responding to criticism of their peer group (Letters, February 5). They are possibly the most entitled group in society; woe betide anyone criticising them, or their dogs.

However, the fact remains that many owners/walkers do not clean up after their dogs. As someone who regularly exercises in my local park, I often have to avoid dog dirt, or discarded bags of the stuff. Of course, part of the problem is, that as soon as walkers enter the park, they let their dogs off the leash. So, when it wanders off, out of sight of the walker, it’s no surprise any mess it makes is missed or conveniently ignored.

As for comparisons with people who litter: whilst this is equally as bad as those who refuse to clean up after their dog, litter is generally less problematic, as it is easily cleared up; doesn’t adhere readily to shoes or clothing; stink, or contain toxic parasites.

Stuart Brennan,

37 Netherburn Avenue, Glasgow.

I AM disappointed in David Stubley's suggestion (Letters, February 5) that I was economical with the truth regarding dog walkers’ behaviour in my letter of February 2. I do not engage in apocryphal tales. I tell it as I see it. I agree on one salient point: It is the conduct of the few (dog handlers) who trespass, otherwise the problem would be even more visible.

Allan C Steele,

22 Forres Avenue, Giffnock.