YOU report two inquiries that well illustrate the gross and ongoing mess of the Scottish fatal accident inquiry (FAI) and related legal system ("Clutha helicopter inquiry to hear from 85 witnesses" and Judges: Bin lorry tragedy damages action can proceed", The Herald, February 6). These have been long drawn-out bureaucratic procedures that largely ignore relatives and those affected.

With the bin lorry tragedy (December 22, 2014) why are the grieving families and eight relatives still having to go through four years of contorted legal appeals and orders from the Court of Session just to get basic compensation?

Why has the Clutha FAI (November 29, 2013) not even started, more than five years on apparently without learning from the Hillsborough (April 15, 1989) and Grenfell (June 14, 2017) inquiries on the importance of ensuring that the lawyers and bureaucracy do not dwarf the grieving.

Why is Scotland not learning and applying the obvious need for independent, prompt, transparent and thorough investigations and justice, but giving credence to the prolonged institutional defensiveness? The Scottish approach fails to recognise the sense of urgency and accountability needed by the families and survivors.

So yes, it's good that 85 witnesses are registered and 17 parties will tell their tale. But can you recall what you were doing more than five years ago? Many of the key players will have moved on.

But why have the media failed to report the fact that Police Scotland has been quietly upgrading and automating the antiquated fuel pump system to its helicopters at Staverton Airport outside Gloucester over the past few years? Is this not considered relevant?

Police Scotland should be congratulated that it hasn't waited more than five years to try to learn from the awful crash. But we need a legal system in Scotland that acts more promptly and does not drown the realities in legal paperwork.

Unfortunately Scotland seems wedded to long drawn-out legal FAIs, with little sign of a bit of common sense prevailing.

Dave Sutton,

9 Douglas Gate, Cambuslang.