I GENERALLY like Dr Gerald Edwards' contributions to the Letters Pages although I don't agree with them. However, his latest contribution (February 6) was so ridiculous I had to laugh out loud.

President Trump came to Scotland on an official visit, which generated a campaign against him. According to Dr Edwards, this was not welcoming and things would have been different if Nicola Sturgeon had gone to the United States. On the orders of President Trump, the border officials tore babies out of the arms of their parents and locked them in cages. Has Dr Edwards never heard of adverse childhood experiences? These children will never recover from what was done to them, on the express command of President Trump. If anyone thinks that was a welcoming act, words fail me.

Margaret Forbes,

Corlic Way, Kilmacolm, Inverclyde.

ON reading Alison Rowat ("Watch out for the women in white in fight against Trump", The Herald, February 7) I genuinely wondered if we live in an alternate universe. It is sad how unrepresentative this article was of the actual reaction of US citizens to President Trump’s State of the Union speech.

CBS, hardly a Trump supporter, revealed that the approval of the speech stood at 76 per cent and voters were 72 per cent in support of President Trump’s immigration policy. It would appear that in common with the vast majority of the UK media Ms Rowat is reflecting the Democratic bias of most of the US media.

Surely we should expect our journalists to accurately inform us of the real state of the world rather than act as cheerleaders for political spin and fake news.

It is also worth noting that several of the newly-elected female Congresswomen have already become embroiled in scandals so it might be wise to reserve judgment before lavishing praise upon them all.

David Stubley,

22 Templeton Crescent, Prestwick.