I NOTE with interest your article indicating the extent of customer unhappiness with ScotRail ("ScotRail told to get customers back on happy track as new warning issued", The Herald, February 9). My experience at Bearsden Station on Saturday morning perhaps exemplifies much of what is wrong with our national rail operator.

My wife and I arrived at the station in good time for the 9.25 coming from Milngavie. As regular users will know, this line is without peer when it comes to late-running or cancelled trains. As expected, the train was running late as we were informed (twice) by the all-too-familiar announcer (I feel as if I know her personally). The station was busy – this was the through train to Edinburgh and a fair proportion of the 30-odd people waiting were clearly heading for the rugby international at Murrayfield. At 9.34 – still no sign of our train – we were instructed to "stand back from the platform edge as a fast-moving train is coming through". It certainly was moving fast, so fast that it didn’t bother to stop. Judging by its length, this was the 9.25 to Edinburgh, hurtling off on a journey to nowhere whilst carrying zero passengers. As if to rub salt in our collective wound, it was announced at approximately 9.35 that the 9.25 train had been cancelled. A train did eventually arrive, several minutes late, and when we boarded it was noticeably dirty as well as cold.

Is there anyone out there who knows how to run a railway?

Rob Kelly,

12 Lochend Crescent, Bearsden.